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Accessing Wordpress Database

Posted: 2017-02-14 20:04
by luke.vahc
So I work for a very small nonprofit and was attempting to change our Wordpress homepage, but inadvertently locked myself out of the entire site by changing the Wordpress URL but not the website URL. I am not totally unable to log in, as it says the site is no longer hosted on the server and I get 404ed.

I'm trying to use FileZilla to FTP onto the server so that I can change back the URLs and regain access to the site, but the site url is <irrelevant>. Every time I try to log in, the URL reverts to <even more irrelevant> and can't connect to the server. Any thoughts on how I can FTP into the database and change the URLs back before my boss notices?

Re: Accessing Wordpress Database

Posted: 2017-02-14 22:44
by boco
The database is not exposed over FTP, so you can't do that.

The path is usually in a file called "config.php" or similar in the base of the Wordpress installation. Change the paths in that text file back and re-upload it.