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need help asap plz

Posted: 2017-05-12 21:20
by Stingv1
I wont a poster to go on the website on another page so it can be downloaded by any1 else that comes to the web page via PDF format but not sure how.

I already upload one 2 the docs folder just not sure how to make a link or make it appear on the page i wont.

I do use filezilla

thx in advance

Re: need help asap plz

Posted: 2017-05-14 21:35
by boco
Your question doesn't have anything to do with FileZilla. We can only help with issues from direct FileZilla usage.

You need to insert an HTTP(S) link into your website code, linking to the file on the web server. There are thousands of HTML tutorials on the web that will happily tell you how to.