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problems after reinstalling website

Posted: 2018-07-26 14:00
by Ironside
I don't think this is strictly a FileZilla issue, but I'm hoping somebody may be able to help whilst I'm waiting for answers from dream host and the Joomla! website itself.

Basically, I just reinstalled a Joomla! website onto a new VPS at <a hosting company>. However, something strange is now happening when I try and access the website. I've looked through all my files and FileZilla because the way the VPS is set up it's not quite the same because you don't have a cPanel. Anyway, the easiest thing to do is show you the link to the problem website. You will see what happens when you try and access the website, it will ask you to download something. I don't think there's anything suspicious because my virus program hasn't flagged up any warnings.