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help with åæø

Posted: 2018-11-24 22:43
by HBG2000
When I upload my website with FileZilla, the Danish letters å æ ø become a "? in a box", please help
How do I fix this?

Re: help with åæø

Posted: 2018-11-24 23:24
by boco
Nothing to do with FileZilla Server, moved.

Do you refer to the filenames in FileZilla or to the resulting website?

1. Filenames in FileZilla: If the server does not support UTF-8 encoding of file and path names, you cannot use any non-English characters. The FTP server simply cannot handle them.

2. Characters in website: Use the proper Encoding for your website. Recommended is UTF-8 encoding, which every even halfway modern browser supports. You need to use your favorite web search engine for the how-to, as it is outside the scope of these forums.