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BBCode link to file?

Posted: 2019-09-30 15:54
by ConfusedAdmin
Sorry if this has been solved before, but I did not find it in a search.

I have files stored in my FTP and I get my direct download link to them in Filezilla, but when pasting the link in BBCode it does not work.

The [URL] script defaults to something else and just refreshes the page, the [FTP] one doesn't work either, and I have no more ideas. I can add links to Mediafire and other hosting webs, but BBCode seems not willing to recognize my links to an FTP.

Apologizes if this question does not belong to Filezilla, but I didn't find answers in BBCode forums.

Re: BBCode link to file?

Posted: 2019-09-30 21:40
by botg
This is a question for your forum software vendor.