Using filezilla with main and add-on domains

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Using filezilla with main and add-on domains

#1 Post by jerryplatter » 2020-05-26 13:24

I have a main domain with <a provider>. I recently bought a domain name for my customer and designated it as an add-on domain with <a provider>. l have tried add ons before and always wind up getting duplicate files and folers or files mixed in with the other domain. I know that this works and can be very useful but I really need to learn how to keep this from happening. My main is larger but certainly not huge. The add-on is pretty small but meets my customers needs but will grow a bit over time. I have all the files for each site in separate folders inside "My Websites" on the desktop. As an example, I have uploaded Index.html of one on the sites into public.html only to find that page has replaced the home page on the other site. I know this is of my doing but I really need to learn a lot more about the basic organizational structure to manage two or more small websites with <a provider>'s unlimited sites offer. I'm willing to read but I've wasted a lot of time reading answers (opinions) to question that have little to do with my situation. The concept of add on domains is pretty simple but the mechanics are killing me!
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Re: Using filezilla with main and add-on domains

#2 Post by boco » 2020-05-27 07:57

Without having much knowledge of the subject at hand...

Is the second domain truly a separate domain from the first one? Separate means, you got a completely different FTP account with a separate storage space, for uploading the second site. Then, the "one site overwriting the other" should not exist.
If, on the other hand, both sites have the same storage space, it's up to the hoster how multiple sites will be handled. Usually, you need to create subdirectories with the site names for storing the site data.

Did you read up what the hoster means by "add-on domain", and what you can actually do with it (maybe you did purchase the wrong product for the task at hand)? There must also be documentation about how to do the configuration work.
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Re: Using filezilla with main and add-on domains

#3 Post by audiopro » 2020-06-23 09:13

Once you have set up your main root FTP account, setting up for addons is quite easy.
Make a duplicate of the main account, it will save you having to enter host, password etc.

In the advanced tab, change the local and remote directories to reflect the location of the addon files.
With regard to where you store the addons, I have a sub directory called - you've guessed it 'addons' and then all the files are then stored under deeper sub directories named as the domain.
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