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403 forbidden message

Posted: 2020-06-21 15:13
by Oli_Action

Im busy testing a few basic html setups i created and I have an issue with uploading/exchanging one here. I delete the old .html file on the right side and then upload a new one from my files, but when I go to the webpage and reload I get the message "you don't have permission to access this resource". "Error 403 forbidden". Any Idea what it could be? When I switch back to the original .html page it works just fine again. Not sure what I'm missing here. :?: . Thanks in advance

Re: 403 forbidden message

Posted: 2020-06-22 08:16
by boco
What is the name of the document? Unless there's any special configuration by the web host (rare), the browser wants to load an index document. Index documents usually have a few special names, index.html, index.htm, default.html and default.htm being the most common ones encountered. HTML files with other names, even if they differ in case only, are not loaded automatically but must be explicitly specified.

Common error: Document names are case sensitive on most web servers. If the old document was index.html, Index.html (capital I) will not work.