never check for updates not working

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never check for updates not working

#1 Post by ejonesss » 2023-01-25 02:34

i on the mac version and despite setting to never check for updates the client still checks for updates.

i tried blocking the update checks with the hosts file by mapping

and i still get a message saying there is a new version.

some of us do not want to know if a new version is out unless there is a bug.

let us decide when to update or even know about updates.

ok maybe if the bug is so serious like someone maliciously crafting a url to perform ddos amplification or something (remember the dns ping amplification bug in the tcp/ip engine in os 9 where someone could ping an effected mac and get it to respond with an abnormally large packet to bring down some university) by exploiting a vulnerability in the app then we would want a forced notice of update.

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Re: never check for updates not working

#2 Post by boco » 2023-01-25 05:10

If set to Never, the client never checks for updates. But, it probably doesn't work the way you think. There are two issues:

1. Updates found before you did set it to Never will still be announced, as FileZilla already knows about them, and
2. when a FileZilla client exceeds a certain age (90 days AFAIK) without updating, it considers itself as being obsolete and outdated. The nag screen shown then is not a check at all, but works without any connection.

Nearly 100% of the FileZilla updates released fixed at least one bug. This is not Microsoft where pure eye-candy updates are a thing. FileZilla is a network-exposed software, you are supposed to be on the latest version, always.
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