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Configuration not accessible, too much error messages

Posted: 2009-02-17 16:45
by FMaz
( Ok, I've create a topic dedicated to this problem, because it was may be not in the subject of the first topic )

I'm a true crypt user, and I've placed all the .xml files under a partition that is safe. But sometime I forgot to mount the partition and I open filezilla. I've like 15 errors (no exageration) that all look like: "xml file not found" / "Unable to write into" / Etc.

Is it possible to have a simple error like this:
"Unable to read the XML configuration under E:\settings\filezilla\, filezilla will run in kiosk mode, please check the _____ path in your fzdefaults.xml if you wish to run in normal mode."

If their is no config found, run in kiosk mode with a defaut config and don't save anything .