feature request: export sites

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feature request: export sites

#1 Post by pixeline » 2005-05-07 07:18

Hello !

first of all, a huge THANKS to the developers for Filezilla is such a stable, efficient and fast ftp client. I've never had any problem and i use it quite extensively, releases after releases. It's just all good to me :)

I do have a request for a feature that could save many a user some time. As a professional web developer, i tend to have a lot of sites and it's a pain to have to keep somewhere each site's connection parameters ( host+login+password+advanced settings) and have to re-enter them each time windows crashes and i have to reinstall. It happened to me 2 times last year, (and last time was... last night). Et hop, 45 sites to be reencoded.

So , it would be nice to have a feature like 'export sites', maybe stick it in the settings xml ?

Thanks and have a good one,

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#2 Post by botg » 2005-05-07 09:29

Please have a look at the menu in the Site Manager.

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#3 Post by Perry2 » 2005-05-07 20:53

I copy all my site settings routinely, by just copying the FileZilla.xml file.

That seems to work fine, and I do it each time I upgrade FileZilla versions.

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