Necessary with manual update for changed files?

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Necessary with manual update for changed files?

#1 Post by jansater » 2009-03-18 11:41

I've noticed that a directory and the files in it, are not updated, when for instance files have been changed in another program.

For instance if I have a CMS, and install a plugin - then the new files are not visable in FileZilla if I have already visited the folder they are installed in. Also, just uploading a new image on my web hotel is not visible in FileZilla.

The folder/files doesn't update if I go to another folder and then back to the changed folder again. It doesn't even help if I disconnect from that FTP account and then connect again.

The only solutions are to restart FileZilla or to click View > Update. But is this really the meaning? I think it would be more user friendly and "natural" if the folder was updated at least if you go to a new folder, or reconnect to the site. Having to click Update manually all the time seems to be a bug to me.

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