[newbie] difference between skip and resume?

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[newbie] difference between skip and resume?

#1 Post by TigerDE2 » 2004-04-18 11:01

Well, it's probably a rather stupid question, but:
What's the difference between skip and resume?
And how does FZ determine whether a file is newer than the one already on the server?

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#2 Post by fillide » 2004-04-18 12:42

Resume try to continue a failed transfert. (let's say you upload a big file, for whatever reason it stop in the middle of the transfert, you can resume it by restarting the transfert at the point where ti has been stopped.)

Skip do nothing : if a file already exist it skip it and to the next transfert.

You can also overwrite an existing file from the beginning.

For the detection of a new file, I guess it's based on the date/time of the file, if you search in the options you'll see stuff related.

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