lost UTF8 after close connection in 2.2.23

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lost UTF8 after close connection in 2.2.23

#1 Post by twu2 » 2006-05-18 15:02

The default value for m_bUTF8 set to true in class's constructor, and set it to false when the server didn't support UTF8.

If server support UTF8 by Auto or Force, this value will keep true, but in DoClose(), it will reset to false.

After that, next connect won't call constructor again, so this value will always be false.

We should change it to true in Connect() to avoid this bug.

Code: Select all

--- FtpControlSocket.old.cpp	Thu May 18 22:31:56 2006
+++ FtpControlSocket.cpp	Thu May 18 22:30:06 2006
@@ -205,6 +205,8 @@
 	m_bAnnouncesUTF8 = false;
 	if (server.nUTF8 == 2)
 		m_bUTF8 = false;
+    else
+		m_bUTF8 = true;
 	// Some sanity checks
 	if (m_pOwner->IsConnected())
patch also submit in sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.p ... tid=372243

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