FZ Timeout when trying to list folders with lots of files

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FZ Timeout when trying to list folders with lots of files

#1 Post by marcus1234 » 2014-06-10 13:41

I am at a complete loss. I have a new Win8.1 machine with McAfee pre-installed.
I am trying to use FZ client to FTP to one of my W2K3 (I know) servers. All is good, except trying to list files in a large folder. I can list files in smaller folders no probs. It keeps timing out.
I have done all the normal things like setting timeout to 0, increasing FTP timeout on the server to 4 minutes, stopping McAfee, stopping Windows Firewall, nothing seems to work on allowing dir reading of this large folder.

I have opened cmd line, and manually connected ftp (so windows built in ftp?) and can issue a dir on that folder and it lists all 800+ files in 2 seconds!!!

I also have another Win7 machine (which crashed recently, hence the new machine) which is still working, and from behind the same home network, I can using FZ to dir this folder.

I can only think it must be a firewall issue somehow on the new machine. I have disabled McAfee but don't really want to uninstall it as I don't have the disk (it was preinstalled).

Anyone have any ideas? I am at a complete loss and losing hair that I really can't afford to loose... :(

Much appreciate any guidance/help/ideas anyone might have...


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