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Solutions for connection failures after update to most recent version

Posted: 2015-01-08 18:32
by botg
Make sure FileZilla is not being blocked by some firewall. Many firewalls have the habit of blocking changed programs. Obviously by updating FileZilla it has changed. Also check your virus scanner, they often have firewall functionality as well.

Starting with 3.10.0, FileZilla uses FTP over TLS by default. Connection failures after updating from an earlier version indicate that the server is not configured correctly for FTP over TLS. In this case, contact your server administrator or server hosting provider for assistance. can be used to verify that the server is correctly configured for FTP over TLS. Corresponding discussion thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=34842

If you get ENETUNREACH errors and are using Kaspersky products, uninstall the latter. Kaspersky products they several have serious bugs that catastrophically disrupt FTP.