Connecting more devises

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Connecting more devises

#1 Post by The Old Fart » 2016-04-22 06:26

I finally have my Topfield PVR connected to my PC using FileZilla over a CAT cable. The connection is to an 8 port Router. This also has 2 other connections going to it,these being a WDTV Live media player as well an a Samsung Smart Blue-Ray player.

The Blu-ray can connect directly to the net over my Wi-Fi connection but this is very slow even though the house is now connected to high speed fiber connection.

I would like to try to get both of these devises connected directly to my PC so that I can share files with them by using the cat cable. Unfortunately I haven't a cluse as to how to do this as I'm a complete novice in this area. Where do I start looking? Do I have to set up a Homegroup in Windows 10 even though I realize that anything transferred will never be leaving the house.

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.

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