Symbol lookup error

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500 Command not understood
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Symbol lookup error

#1 Post by zsero » 2016-08-25 18:58

I'm running ubuntu 16.04, which only has filezilla 3.15, but I found instructions on how to add a getdeb repository and get the latest filezilla. So I followed them and installed the latest and greatest version, only to find that when I try to start it I get the following error:

filezilla: symbol lookup error: filezilla: undefined symbol: _ZN2fz18replace_substringsERNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIwSt11char_traitsIwESaIwEEERKS5_S8_

I have no idea what this means or what to do about it. Any help? Alternatively, how do I go back to 3.15, which I know works (although it's almost unusable with the giant site manager window, which is why I wanted to upgrade it in the first place).

UPDATE: Never mind, I found some more instructions here: ... untu-16-04
and they worked. But I'm leaving the question up in case anyone else is having the same problem.

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