V3.01 - Editing server files

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V3.01 - Editing server files

#1 Post by caramba » 2007-10-11 09:55

One setting I'm greatly missing is the ability to define a local text editor to edit server files and save them to server when done.

In V. 2.2.23, we could define the editor through " Options¦Settings¦Interface settings¦File viewing/Editing ". I cannot find this in V3 and won't be able to use it until this option is made available. Is it planned soon?

I think that "Redheadriot" posted the same request somewhere but did not receive an answer. Please update us on this missing feature.



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#2 Post by eddan » 2007-10-11 10:31

It's coming very soon, latest release candidate for 3.0.2 has it, please check out the download section on the sourceforge project page.
For help and support, check out the support page on the wiki.

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