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FZ does not knows/see the defaut pîctures viewer PHOTOS of W 10.

Posted: 2017-05-17 10:42
by bigbernie
Hello and good morning everybody.

First excuse my poor English.

Since I went to W 10 impossible to open image files on the remote server
FZ does not knows/see Windows PHOTOS. App viewer installed by default. At a very hidden place on the HD !!!

When you have not decided to use the function "Association by file types if available' FZ ALWAYS uses the default tool. I worked like that since a long time. 10 years without using association by files types.
For text files I put in W 10 the notepad by default. When I click right on Index.htm in the remote server it's works perfectly.
But for pictures FZ always opens with the Notepad. PHOTOS is by default my viewer on W 10. Sure.

Before W 10, on XP and W7 the default viewer was Windows Viewer. FZ opened
When I choosed Picasa by default (Picasa no longer works with w 10). FZ opened pictures using Picasa set by default into W XP and W 7.

If it was compulsory to give the path of the software Photos of pleasure to Mr Nobody. Including the obligation to change the administrator of the APP folder. Microsoft has well hidden and protected it. And PHOTOS does not open by itself.

Photos is my default application for W 10. Checked for all kinds of pictures. No more Picasa and no more Windows Viewer in
W 10.

And FZ configured to use the default tools does not see PHOTOS and use the NotePad used for texts only.

Checking or unchecking "by default" is fast and easy to do but that does not change anything.
I used FZ since 10 years ago without this kind of problems. Refusing to "see" the default tool pictures.

An idea ? Thank you very much

Screen captures for better help