File Permissions on Upload (Linux)

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File Permissions on Upload (Linux)

#1 Post by rwhirn » 2017-06-20 23:52

From my experimentation using 3.25.2 and 3.26.2 it appears that when uploading via SFTP from Mac OS to a Linux box that file permissions are also copied. I.e., if I have rwxrwxrwx permissions on my local file it will upload with the same permissions set on a Linux server even though the user and group on local are totally different from those on the server.

I would say this makes no sense since the users and groups on the two different machines have no relation to each other. However it is good to know that you can set permissions before you upload and they will be set that way when done.

FYI, when uploading from a Windows machine the permissions are always set as rw-rw-r-- which makes sense since the user and group are me and world should not have write permissions (nor execute!) unless explicitly given.

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