update 3.26.2 wish list

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update 3.26.2 wish list

#1 Post by caprica » 2017-07-01 08:09

I have just updated my FileZilla and everything works good. One thing I would like to see on the next update and it would be a real simple modification and a great time save for users.

When you click on the binoculars for a remote search, and in the 3rd box to the left of filename you type in the search parameter and hit the enter key, the search string appears in the lower box.

When you right click on the string, an option box appears giving you the following options:
View/Edit (what is inside the file)
Copy URL to clipboard

I would like to see "Rename" added to the option list. When you have 10,000 files and do a manual search in the server directories, it takes a long time; whereas, if you know a unique identifier for the filename, you could rename it here and the job is done.

Anyway, that's my wish for a future update.

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