Edit files on the server

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Edit files on the server

#1 Post by hossi73 » 2004-03-02 09:09

Hi all, i have chosen my favourite editor to open files via FileZille direct from the server. Is there a way to setup FileZilla that an edited file is uploaded immediately to the server when it is saved by the editor? At the moment FileZilla only asks me to write the file back to the server after closing the editor.
Thanx and bye.

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#2 Post by eddan » 2004-03-02 17:05


You can read more about the issue in this post in the old forums:
http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php? ... m_id=68109

Maybe botg will tell you more about it aswell, but atleast you can read that while you wait :)

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Here's to hoping

#3 Post by inanutshell » 2004-03-11 19:32

My preferred IDE, EditPlus, has the same problems as those mentioned above when interacting with FileZilla. As it is I have to use FileZilla as a mere sftp client since I cannot use the nifty View/Edit feature.

I thought the View/Edit feature was really cool, but I can't use it because I generally have a whole mass of files open in EditPlus and to close the program just to upload a file to see if one change worked isn't justified. Especially since I'm generally not just editing the file to change it once then close it, I'm usually saving, uploading, checking to see if it worked, changing/adding, then starting the loop all over again... Ideally I wouldn't even have to click back to FileZilla to have it upload! That'd be awesome.

Basically, I too hope this becomes a new feature for FileZilla ;)

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