any development for symlinks yet?

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any development for symlinks yet?

#1 Post by frueter » 2017-09-09 09:42


I am in need of support for local symlinks in FileZilla.
I have read all the posts where it is stated that during upload, local symbolic links are ignored to avoid potential loops.
A fair enough safety precaution but can we have an option please? Maybe it's possible to identify a loop during upload and gracefully fail?

Here is my scenario:
Every week I need to upload hundreds of large files which are contained in about a dozen directories all over my server. I don't want have to visit each folder and select only the files the client wants, so I have a python script that reads my database and creates the folder structures in /tmp along with symlinks to every file the client needs (a very simple, linear structure - loops are guaranteed to be avoided). This gives me a perfect upload folder very fast - except that FileZilla ignores the symlinks.
So I am back to spending about 10 minutes doing the above manually which also carries a fair risk of user error.

Is there any chance this can be addressed so that symlinks aren't ignored during upload? Or maybe it has been addressed and I just don't see it in the UI?


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