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Quick Search improvement suggestions

Posted: 2018-09-22 13:35
by flow
When typing something in the Quick Search, the file list is instantly filtered, which is great. When you hit Enter though (as I accidentally did), you get a "Syntax error: Could not parse server address [...]" error message. I suggest to change that and to instead highlight the first file of the matching files. That would be great for keyboard usage.

I also just now noticed that you can already Shift-TAB your way to the matching files. But you can't TAB back to the Quick Search, you have to use Ctrl-f.

Another suggestion: when one of the files (of the matching files) is highlighted, pressing ESC once now does nothing. I suggest to make ESC close the Quick Search, like it now does when you are in the Quick Search field.

Re: Quick Search improvement suggestions

Posted: 2019-08-31 11:03
by flow
Any chance to see some of the suggestions happening? :D