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XML TAGs - file upload & other possiblities ?

Posted: 2018-11-28 21:58
by Mr Red
Is there an XML TAG list the Filezilla responds to anywhere?

I have tried a few searches and haven't found one or found the right words in the question.

All I want to do is update filenames. With export & copied the format in a VBA script from an Excel database of required uploads I am sort of achieving results. It works with a bit of manual fingerwork - which is fine because it allows one to eyeball the process.

BUT by deleting the files that the upload replaces it would be better to automate and save finger trouble! An alternative would be to re-name the files if that were possible. It would be quicker.

So is there a "delete command" TAG or a "rename" TAG? Or are these restricted for security? The list would be enough for me to peruse.

TIA Mr Red (a sartorial affectation)

PS Win 7 & Filezilla 3.38.1 (originally a portable version) and there are 800 files left to do and the blocks are getting larger.

Re: XML TAGs - file upload & other possiblities ?

Posted: 2018-11-29 09:03
by botg
No such feature in FileZilla.

For automated tasks consider using a command-line client, they are inherently scriptable through stdin/stdout.

Re: XML TAGs - file upload & other possiblities ?

Posted: 2018-12-11 11:24
by Mr Red
Thanx but I am not sure I explained myself. I don't want full automation, just predictable results, derivative of a personal database. Avoiding finger trouble!

a list of XML tags relevant to Filezilla is all I need to see what is possible (or not). I still haven't found one.

I can generate the "XML file" (as required) and the manual import thereafter to the upload window gives me oversight in case of errors. My model for the "XML file" was via a simple export of a failed upload.

There are attributes and TAGs I can see, but suspect there are more which are possible. I am not trying to alter/archive the "Filezilla settings" here.

I can't be the first to ask this.