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Dual screen selection problem

Posted: 2019-01-08 10:29
by Decker101
I have a dual screen setup, when I have Filezilla open on one screen and try to select multiple folders by dragging a box around them, the selection will cancel and scroll the filezilla window all the way to the right and position the mouse cursor to the far right on the 2nd screen.

This does not happen when I select all folders one by one (by clicking them individually).

I searched for this question/solution but could not find a similar one.

my configuration: Windows 10, filezilla v3.390, 2 screens - 22 inch.

If anyone would have a solution / workaround to solve this?

Re: Dual screen selection problem

Posted: 2019-01-08 12:22
by boco
Lemme guess - Windows 10 1709? That's a known bug and the only solution is to feature-upgrade to a later Windows (1803 or 1809), as MS did never fix it on 1709. Has nothing to do with multiple displays and occurs with one display, too. Another applications where that happens is 7-Zip, and even some MS tools.