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'path is locked' when using multiple simultaneous transfers

Posted: 2019-02-06 20:25
by p10008
My internet connection infrastructure has recently been upgraded from copper (ADSL) to fiber, providing me, amongst other things, a much better upload speed. When transferring files (SFTP) over these new infrastructure (by SFTP: local to StackStorage) I experience connection problems when using 2 or more simultaneous transfers (in the old situation I commonly used 2 or 4 simultaneous 'workers'). Approx 50% of the transfers fail, all of those showing the following error message: "open for write: received failure with description 'path is locked'". I am not sure if this can be solved by an appropriate setting on the client side, or if this is due to a server (in)capability. Hopefully the first scenario applies. If so, what settings should I apply?

Thanks in advance!

Re: 'path is locked' when using multiple simultaneous transfers

Posted: 2019-02-07 09:05
by botg
This error comes from the server, it does not make sense to me. Try contacting your server administrator or server hosting provider for assistance.

The workaround is to limit FileZilla to transfer no more than one file at a time in the settings.