Files are bocked when upload by Numericable SFR

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500 Command not understood
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Files are bocked when upload by Numericable SFR

#1 Post by Yvesima » 2019-02-26 14:43

I use Filezilla since many years by Numericable

So since a few days when i upload files to my server files as .js .css more than500ko (i think) FileZilla is not able to uplaod the files
The file is going awy but the trasfert is somwhat never ending

So i use Filezilla and Numericable since many years
I watch all my config with the hotline server all parameters are correct and never have never been changed.

So i decide to try my other FAI FREE. i just change my ethenet cable form Numericable box to Free box and all is OK. Files are gone

The hot line Numericable SFR says to me "It's known Numericable " is not able to upload with FileZilla

Has some one the same problem ?

Thanks for your reply cause i can nolonger send my files

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