Filezilla upload corrupting files

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Filezilla upload corrupting files

#1 Post by tigersbite » 2019-03-08 18:11

I have a new Windows 10 machine, which I installed Filezilla Client, and it is corrupting random uploads
I've attempted uploading to two different servers, one on WinHost (Windows), and one of BlueHost (Linux). Both sites require me to use regular FTP and plain FTP encryption. I've tried to force ASCII transfer (heck, I even tried forcing Binary as well), but in numerous php and cshtml files, I'm either losing several plain text characters, or characters are being duplicated.
I've also used Visual Studio's FTP transfer on WInHost without issue, and used the web-based FTP built into BlueHost, as well as setting up a network location with the ftp address in Windows File Manager, and all have uploaded the files successfully, without any corruption.
I'm forced to conclude that Filezilla is the culprit. Tried removing and re-installing with no success. What's weird, is although the contents of the source and uploaded files are different, their file size is exactly the same number of kb

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Re: Filezilla upload corrupting files

#2 Post by botg » 2019-03-11 07:41

The kind of corruption you see, is it always in the same files in the same location, or is it seemingly random?

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Re: Filezilla upload corrupting files

#3 Post by TobyDog » 2021-03-19 03:14

I have the same issue. From a Win10 PC to a Linix (?) server using 3.52.0

Mostly works find but I have had occasional corruptions. But I now have a file (a PHP file) that is consistently having the first part of the file being removed when uploaded.

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