Why is update dialog modal?

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Why is update dialog modal?

#1 Post by g.turner » 2019-03-12 00:13

I am wondering - is there a good reason that the 'update' dialog box is modal?
My typical workflow is to run Filezilla, find the site I want in the site manager, log in, and typically at that point, the 'update is available' dialog comes up.
I have two choices:
  • Close the update box, continue with my transfer, and then (typically actually forget to :roll: ) go back to find the update through the menu.
  • Do the update, and then have to repeat the 'find the server and login' process
Both options are a little irritating in their own way.
Is there any reason that the update dialog couldn't just be moved to the side, and wait there until I have finished my transfer, and then I can do the update afterwards?
Or, somewhat less ideal, have a 'remind me to update when I close the program' option, that brings up the update reminder when the program gets closed?

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