GnuTLS error -110 on IIS

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GnuTLS error -110 on IIS

#1 Post by rossh » 2019-04-29 13:59

I updated the server cert as it had expired. The new cert immediately made the the error

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GnuTLS error -110  The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.
I figured it out, so I should share the solution.

The The TLS connection was non-properly terminated. is the second fault and a consequence of the 1st issue below.

Whats happening under the hood, was the server would abort and close the connection, straight after it got the first "Client handshake" packet. This all happened because when the new cert was installed in the server, the IIS config kept the "default" old ssl cert hash in the config, and not amount of replacing and configured convinced it to work.

To fix... Open the file...

Look for <siteDefaults> , <ftpServer> , <security> , <ssl serverCertHash= xxxx

Check / adjust that hash above matches the new cert hash, found here: Server manager, WebServer, >> server, Server Certificates , Certificate hash.

Adjust the applicationHost.config to match the new cert hash. Save and all done.

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