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How do I delete fzshellext_64.dll

Posted: 2019-06-14 23:05
by Beach_Ape
I can't find a way to delete this file.

I try in Windows Explorer and it says it can't because it's being used by Windows Explorer.

I closed WinExp then ran the CMD prompt to delete the file in DOS, but it now it says Access Denied.

This after uninstalling FileZilla with the Control Panel, then with the Uninstall.exe in the applications folder, but
C:\ Program Files \ FileZilla FTP Client
continues to exist. I can delete everything else in this folder except for the .dll file.

Update 2hrs later.
In the command window, I now tried regsvr32 -u fzshellext_64.dll but received this message:
The module fzshellext_64.dll was loaded but the call to DIIUnregisterServer failed with error code 0x80040201

Continuing on but getting really nervous now.

Re: How do I delete fzshellext_64.dll

Posted: 2019-06-15 00:54
by Beach_Ape
Wow - what a lot of work.

After going through the above steps, I finally finished up with this; ... x80040201/

" you have to run the command on elevated command prompt using Admin role.
Fix: Run the command in an elevated mode

1. Click on Start button > type Command Prompt > (right click command prompt and click run as Administrator)

cd Progarm Files
cd FileZilla FTP Client

2. Deregister the DLL using the following command

cmd> regsvr32 -u fzshellext_64.dll

Then in Windows Explorer, right click delete will finally freed me for complete uninstall.
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Re: How do I delete fzshellext_64.dll

Posted: 2019-06-15 14:36
by boco
FileZilla Uninstaller should have removed it. Maybe a reboot was necessary.

Regsvr32 must be run with Admin rights if the target DLL is in a protected Windows system directory. "Program Files" is protected.