Number of Queued Files wrong? Not everything transferred?

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Number of Queued Files wrong? Not everything transferred?

#1 Post by TerraD » 2019-09-05 08:03


I queued the files of a Joomla Webpage for a backup. The queue was empty and after queuing it showed 15'953 files to transfer. Then I started the transfer process. After the transfer it says: Successful transfers (15'484), no failed transfers, no more files in the queue! The target folder on my PC shows 15'484 files. I did not make an error with that, figures are from screenshot.

What happened to the remaining 469 files?

I browsed through the Log-messages (status messages in the window), but did not see any abnormalities. However: the log seems truncated, contains only the last few hundred files or so...

How can I assure, that all data has been transferred?

I did the download twice - the first time all filed had been transferred, but the queue showed after the download 5'287 remaining files. I checked a few of them and found them all on the local disk! As I did not have a defined state before the first download I restarted from scratch.. But this too was very confusing. How can there be files in the queue, when everything has been transferred...

FileZilla 3.44.2
Win7 ulitmate x64 (build 7601)

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