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Recursive Deleting

Posted: 2019-10-17 04:40
by cs.kmawais
Hello, I just confgured ftp with ssl and accessed using FileZilla client and some abnormal behavior occur

My folders structure are: x ( y ( a ( IN
b ( IN

The users (a, b) of the FTP only have permissions on the IN OUT folders as owners, the rest are owned by root, so they cant delete IN or OUT but they can do it on the recursive folders (/IN/x)
My problem is that if they wrongly tries to delete IN, the server responses an error of insufficient permits, but keeps deleting everything in the folder.

Is there a way to prevent the filezilla client doing that, so I want to make the delete command stop if you dont have permission to delete the folder ure trying to.

I am using the latest version of FileZilla...any work around OR solution?

Re: Recursive Deleting

Posted: 2019-10-17 08:51
by botg
Sounds like incorrect server configuration if users can delete files they are not supposed to delete.