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Use a snap packaged text editor as "default"

Posted: 2019-12-03 18:53
by Coconut

First of all, thanks for all the good work, its really appreciated :)

I was playing a bit with snap package a while ago. In fact, I'm still using VSCode that was package with Snap... (on fedora, it was the easiest way to install it). Yesterday I've tried to View/Edit a file in FileZilla with VSCode but no mater what I've tried, I can't open the editor this way... I've tried several link in the Custom Editor - File editing section but I can't figure out how to make it open...

This snap should be install in /var/lib/snapd/snap/bin/code (that's what "whereis" and "which" see). Do you have any idea on how to make a snap packaged editor work inside FileZilla?


Re: Use a snap packaged text editor as "default"

Posted: 2019-12-04 08:14
by botg
Like any other editor. Enter whichever command is needed to start it and open a file. Usually just passing the full path to the executable suffices.