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FileZilla dialogs very slow to open

Posted: 2019-12-18 21:39
by MichaelBrock
Sometime in the last few months the dialogs in FileZilla (particularly the "Site Manager" and "Settings" modals) take a long time to open. The settings dialog (Edit->Settings) takes 15 seconds to open. The "Site Manager" dialog is a little faster but is never less than 10 seconds, and sometimes longer.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling FileZilla with no luck.

This is on Windows 10 machine and FileZilla version 3.46.0

Any ideas? It's getting a little irritating (especially the site manager dialog).

Edited to add: this pc has a 4790K processor and 16gb ram and I'm not seeing any spike in resource usage while Filezilla is opening the dialogs.

Re: FileZilla dialogs very slow to open

Posted: 2019-12-19 14:58
by MichaelBrock
I ended up testing all of my drives (no issues) and system files (also no issues). Ultimately it was running CCleaner and cleaning the registry that did the trick. Filezilla is back to its streamlined snappy self!