FileZilla Pro: Purchased 4-22-20 Can't Install Again

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FileZilla Pro: Purchased 4-22-20 Can't Install Again

#1 Post by DRocket » 2020-07-05 17:38

I'm in a real Catch-22 here. I had loads of trouble installing the regular version of FileZilla in April after I it opened, asked for an update and then failed the update and completely removed the program from the computer. I tried multiple times to install it, but it would never work.

Frustrated I purchased the Pro version, which I have a receipt for. But today when I opened it after using it previously this week, it asked me to update. What a mistake. The same thing happened again, the update failed and then emptied the filezilla pro folder. I've rebooted and am trying to install, again, the FileZilla Pro version but it takes me to a page with billing information.

I've tried getting into the FileZilla Pro customer support but my login is not accepted and when clicking on Board Director for help, I get a message that no one does this anymore. So I can't discuss the transaction details with anyone. It's fishy that they would accept my money for the pro version but then never allow me to install the update to that version with a download.

So now I don't have any version on my computer and all I have at this point is a useless receipt.

Why does this have to happen every time I get an update?

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Re: FileZilla Pro: Purchased 4-22-20 Can't Install Again

#2 Post by botg » 2020-07-05 18:14

There is no purchase associated with your email address.

The dedicated customer forums are at

Make sure to sign up using the email address you purchased FileZilla Pro with.

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