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Filezilla hangs when used with Mountain Duck

Posted: 2020-08-13 11:12
by whistlerpro
Hi, I am a Filezilla user, and would rather not switch away. However as I am now working from home, I needed a faster way to connect to our work WebDAV server through Finder. I found MountainDuck to be very helpful in this regard (as the native Finder WebDAV connection is excruciatingly slow). However if I use a 'local' folder with a MountainDuck location (which usually appears outside Finder as a cached folder like '~/Library/Group Containers/ Support/duck/Volumes/...').

FileZilla appears to hang when you attempt such a connection with a MountainDuck 'local' folder. The remote and 'local' folders do eventually resolve, but it can take several minutes, and most users would interpret this as a crash and just abandon the process. For comparison Finder and Transmit (the FTP programme) both have no issues connecting to the folder near instantaneously.

I have also tried this on Windows and have a similar experience. I appreciate this is perhaps an unusual combination of applications, but since it caused me to (temporarily at least) abandon FileZilla, I thought you should know so you could fix the issue.

Re: Filezilla hangs when used with Mountain Duck

Posted: 2020-08-13 12:08
by botg
This is the expected behavior if remote resources are treated like local resources, especially if they for some reason are not available.

Unfortunately the POSIX API does not contain a way to query whether a given path is a local resource. For best results never mount remote resources into the local filesystem hierarchy, always use specialized programs to access remote content.

Re: Filezilla hangs when used with Mountain Duck

Posted: 2020-08-13 12:25
by whistlerpro
Thanks for the response. Yes I appreciate it's not the usual approach, however the speed of the connection I now have using MountainDuck means for most purposes I can work as if I am back in the office with the work server on the local network, so I wouldn't want to lose that. So far FileZilla is the only application which I have used that has difficulty loading these folders at speed.