Restore Transferred File to Binary

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Restore Transferred File to Binary

#1 Post by rweldin » 2020-09-19 14:11

I have an encrypted file with no file extension that was uploaded to my NAS with FileZilla. The hard drive holding the original encrypted file just died and I tried to decrypt the copy stored on my NAS, but the decryption fails because the file is not valid. In researching this issue it appears FileZilla defaults to ASCII transfer mode for files with no extension which is likely the cause of my decryption issues. Is it possible to convert the ASCII file on my NAS back to the original file? I understand this functionality may not be in FileZilla, but I wanted to know if it is technically possible. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!

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Re: Restore Transferred File to Binary

#2 Post by botg » 2020-09-21 07:25

You can change how extensionless files are transferred in the settings of FileZilla.

Line-ending conversion is lossy, there is generally no way to undo conversion if accidentally transferred binary data as ASCII. You would need to try every single possible combination CR, LF, CRLF for every occurace of LF in the file. Depending on the size of the file this quickly becomes impossible.

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