Update behavior / prompts

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Update behavior / prompts

#1 Post by nikulin » 2020-10-12 13:53

Hi all,

I am packaging the current release of FileZilla (4.50) and during testing I noticed our users are receiving update notification prompts. I thought we successfully had disabled the automated check of updates in our company trough fzdefault.xml and settings in filezilla.xml. Nevertheless we still receive prompts indicating there is a new version of FileZilla present telling the users to update.

I tried various things and finally came across this:

Changelog for "3.45.0-rc1" states:
"If checking for updates cannot be performed for a prolonged time, users are warned about using an outdated version"
Can you be a little more specific what you mean by "a prolonged time"?

Usually we deploy security relevant updates once a month and non-security related once a quarter but I must agree we now haven't updated FileZille since almost a year.
Can this new timer somehow be disabled for managed deployment scenarios?

Its not that we don't want to update in general but we want to perform it through the software distribution. The application itself therefore neither should check for updates or notify the users.

Many thanks for your appreciated feedback.

best regards,

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Re: Update behavior / prompts

#2 Post by botg » 2020-10-12 16:18

It's a couple of months. Just install updates frequently and early. As part of a managed approach, the manager should be on top of these things to ensure timely updates.

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