Unable to Transfer Files Due to IP Issue

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Unable to Transfer Files Due to IP Issue

#1 Post by MelodyMuys3 » 2020-10-26 06:42

We are using FileZilla transfer files to our coordinators monthly, but this month they cannot receive them due to IP address issue.

The IP address that we are using is, we didn't change or reset in the past months and our coordinators could receive files. This month it failed, as per the screenshot they provided, they were using a different IP address to connected and received our files in the past months, like Sep, the IP is

Kindly check with FileZilla support team if there are any backend setting issues for file transfer and also how can we fix this problem? This is very important for our daily operation.

Feel free to contact me with my email and have a nice day. Thanks.

Melody Mu

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Re: Unable to Transfer Files Due to IP Issue

#2 Post by botg » 2020-10-26 09:40

Someone must have changed the IP on either end. Find our why and when this change was made, communicate it properly and adapt to it.

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