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Need help fast with version 3.51.0

Posted: 2020-12-09 17:34
by darkangel612
I keep my Filezilla up to date and have had no issues with it except this time. Seems that when connecting to my dedicated server (new host) I find that when I upload to the server it goes as planned. However, when deleting something on the server it also disappears from my computer too. This has not happened all week long with my uploading but today it is doing it.

I have checked site manager/advanced and all the entities on the server do not have the synchronization turned on.

How do I make it stop this from happening?

Re: Need help fast with version 3.51.0

Posted: 2020-12-10 10:15
by botg
Deleting a remote file in FileZilla does not delete the corresponding local file.

Re: Need help fast with version 3.51.0

Posted: 2020-12-11 07:43
by darkangel612
Well, it was doing just that. I had the folder open when I deleted the file from the server and poof went the one on my comp.

As mysteriously as it started, it is now behaving but it sure made me really careful as to what I deleted off server for a couple of days before coming to post here.