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OS X - no acces to USB device

Posted: 2020-12-17 17:36
by praumus

Im facing the problem that I can't access USB sticks, external devices,...
-> downloading from a FTP server to my device.
I do have only access to the local DOWNLOAD folder on my Mac.
(FileFilla has FULL DISK access in OS X security options)

Any idea?

Thx Peter

Re: OS X - no acces to USB device

Posted: 2020-12-18 08:49
by botg
Are you by chance using FileZilla Pro as obtained from the App Store instead of the regular FileZilla?

If so, store apps are mandatorily sandboxed and you need to explicitly and manually give permission to each directory you wan to access. You can do this in FileZilla Pro through the directory access permissions dialog reachable through the edit menu.