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Hello and a question

Posted: 2020-12-19 17:57
by vsavoldi
Hi Everyone,
New forum user, I presume like most users I came here with an issue and I curious if anyone can help me figure it out.

Filezilla 3.51.0
Brand new machine so I expect it to be the issue :)
MSI MPG-Z490 MB, Intel i7-10700kf CPU, 64GB Ram, Windows 10 Pro 64, GTX 1660TI, 1TB M2, Dual 6TB HD in Raid-0. 1 GB Switch.
Synology NAS on same 1GB Switch.

I have never seen such file transfers with large files. 1GB Network, 100% utilization and Ethernet reported at 100%. Amazing... Never a slowdown even with a 1TB+ Queue

I am seeing a minor issue..
When connected to the NAS, working with local files, Uploading or downloading, copying or when using the skip command to verify, and only on smaller files. The system runs awesomely fast for a while. Then it will stop responding for anywhere from 15 seconds to about 45 seconds, then will resume at full speed.
When it stops responding, I can get the blue spinning wheel and I can see in resource monitor that the program reports not responding and all network traffic halts. CPU usage seems to maybe dip a little at this time, but for the most part I have never seen the CPUs above about 6% when using FZ. Only seems to happen with small 1000's of files.

So in a nutshell, it does not stop anything, simply pauses for a while while seemingly nothing is happening outside of the program. It does not seem to effect anything else other than the transfer process.

I am not worried about it as I am sure I am outside the scope of the average userbase. I have copied 4.6 TB to the NAS, Created my raid and am in the process of copying back 4.6 TB with something like 1.4 Million files overall, I try to process 100k or less at a time but seems to make no difference.

I suspect some sort of a Buffer Overflow?
Vince :)

Re: Hello and a question

Posted: 2020-12-19 18:15
by vsavoldi

This is a sshot where the system was processing a few thousand files that take less than 1sec to transfer. and a double pause :)
You can see where the transfer process slows a lot with small files also.

Do machines still get Stack Overflows?

very strange...

Re: Hello and a question

Posted: 2020-12-19 23:56
by boco
Just to get that out of the way: What HDDs you use, especially for the RAID? I hope those aren't SMR drives, which are known to cause large pauses while they internally catch up.

Re: Hello and a question

Posted: 2020-12-20 16:34
by vsavoldi
That is an excellent question!
Not sure what a SMR drive is but I will be looking into it.

In the PC
They are 6Tb drives from Marshall "designed for NAS for desktop storage"
The listing says they are Toshiba drives.
Picked them up on Amazon a few years ago. ... UTF8&psc=1

The NAS has WD Red NAS drives.

If they are an issue I will swap them out asap :)
If you have any more info, please advise!

Re: Hello and a question

Posted: 2020-12-21 04:25
by boco
From a short glimpse, no, the Marshal drives do not seem to be SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) drives, but rather PMR/CMR (Perpendicular or Conventional Magnetic Recording). The brand seems to be of very mixed quality, however (or very poor packaging). Personally, I'm using WD brand drives.
The NAS has WD Red NAS drives.
Interesting. WD has several drives with SMR technology. Not all are clearly labeled as such. Several of the Red mid-to-medium capacity HDDs ending with "...EFAX" are SMR, with the conventional ones being "...EFRX".

Re: Hello and a question

Posted: 2020-12-21 10:27
by botg
Odd HDD brand of the drives in your PC, never heard of it. Probably refurbished disks.

I suggest getting some tool to read the S.M.A.R.T. data of the disks and to perform a self test. On Windows I found GSmartControl ( ... /Downloads) to be an excellent tool.

Check the attributes of the disks and perform the longest self-test available.

If the tests fail with an error, or if any of the below attributes have a non-zero raw value, consider the disks faulty:
- Reallocated Sector Count
- Current Pending Sector
- Offline Uncorrectable

Re: Hello and a question

Posted: 2020-12-22 00:21
by vsavoldi
Thanks for the replies!
Yes the Marshall drives are manufactured by Toshiba, I have not seen anything about refurbs or pulls.
Surprisingly I think the WD RED Drives I have are the SMR and probably causing the issue.

I have run tests on everything and have seen no errors or warnings.


Re: Hello and a question

Posted: 2020-12-22 02:00
by boco
Note that I didn't write they necessarily are the issue, but they might be. Synology has banned SMR drives from their recommendations of HDDs to use for their NAS. They are especially bad when used in RAIDs, due to the way they work. It's possible for them to get "clogged up" when they don't get the necessary idle time to perform internal garbage collection (putting data from PMR cache into the SMR zones, which includes the need to rewrite large paths of them).

SMR drives just aren't good in RAIDs, with their need for time-critical operations. In extreme cases, SMR drives can even get dropped from RAIDs.

Re: Hello and a question

Posted: 2020-12-23 00:34
by vsavoldi
Thanks for all the pointers and suggestions, I learned a lot and appreciate the time spent.
I will look at the prog suggested ;)

So far all my SMART testing shows good both local machine and nas's

I suspect the issue is the drives in the NAS but since it does not effect anything other than massive #'s of files copy operations, I am not overly worried.
Happy Holidays all!