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File Search window issue

Posted: 2021-01-03 18:39
by HakanToptas
Hello all,
I'm new here at the forum but used the Filezilla client for a long time both on windows and linux.
Currently using the 3.51.0 on Ubuntu 20.04.
I think "File Search" window needs small additions in "Remote search" mode.

I type in the name and hit search, it finds the file, all fine.
Then I have to right click, select download and select options each time.

1- Download could be "double click" like in the main window.
2- Remembering the two download options could save some time. Or selecting the defaults in main settings could help.

After downloading the file I am back in the search window for a new search. I need to select the old name and delete text to write the new name.
When there is just one search parameter line I can use the "-" button at the end to remove the text but if I am on the second line "-" button deletes the whole line.

3- A "clean text" button would help a lot.

These are minor issues but small time gains are important when working with many files.

I forgot maybe the most important, maybe a bug.

I start the download as I described before but sometimes noting happens.
I wait for a while then close the search window to look around and see the "Target file already exists" warning popup asking me what to do.
Don't know if it is there behind the search window or if it opens when I close the search window but this makes me lose a lot of time.

Thanks and regards
Hakan Toptas