Malware in installer

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David Anton
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Malware in installer

#1 Post by David Anton » 2021-02-10 15:46

I know that previously people have said "just read and bypass the offered adware", but the install never gets to that point because the installer is prevented from running by reputable anti-malware (e.g., MalwareBytes).

I'm really curious - is FileZilla getting so much from the malware producers (or 'scumbags') that it's worth doing this to its reputation?

I remember when WinZip did this a few years ago - I went straight to 7-zip. I couldn't believe then that the benefits would ever outweigh the harm to reputation, but here we are again with FileZilla doing the same thing.

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Re: Malware in installer

#2 Post by botg » 2021-02-11 13:57

There is no malware in the offer-enabled installer. It does exactly as instructed by the user.

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