Delete files in massive way into the local server

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Delete files in massive way into the local server

#1 Post by balla » 2021-03-04 11:24

I have to delete the files massively in the local server, it is a file that has been inserted into each folder of the project, there are about 30 thousand files with the same name.
I think it was a hacker who had fun with our domain.
Can you please guide on how to mass delete this file?
Thanks a lot for any replying.

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Re: Delete files in massive way into the local server

#2 Post by boco » 2021-03-04 17:14

One way would be to

1. Connect to the server.
2. Press F3 to start the search
3. Use Filename is equal to as criterion and enter the name of the file.
4. Let the search finish.
5. Use CTRL+A to mark all found files, then right click - Delete.
6. Now, FileZilla will attempt to delete these files. Unless the attacker did protect them somehow, this should do.

However, the RECOMMENDED way of dealing with a possible infection of your domain IS

1. Take everything offline.
2. Search for possible security issues with all used hard- and software.
3. Update everything to the latest versions available.
4. Wipe EVERYTHING from your domain.
5. Change all login credentials.
6. Restore the last backup you made before the issue occurred.
7. Test and finally put back online.

Much more work, but you can be reasonably certain that your web code is clean, again. Using the first approach, something fishy might still reside in the web code and the files you deleted will be possibly restored.
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