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Speed Limit - for 2 hours

Posted: 2021-04-10 08:38
by dvdmrrck
I'm probably not the only one to do this, but you put the speed limit on for something and then forget to remove it again. You look 12 hours later when you expect the big upload to be complete and find it's not got anywhere.
The typical reason for a speed limit I find is that you have for example a video conference meeting (especially since these pandemic days) you need the bandwidth for, or perhaps a video stream you are watching and so forth.
Those generally last for about up to 2 hours so my recommendation would be that along with the existing limit speed, there be an extra one to limit it for 2 hours (then it reverts to full speed). There might be an argument for having 1, 2 & Custom hours, given there's plenty of space on that menu.
(Same situation actually with phones - you switch off the sound etc for some reason (eg a meeting) and then don't switch it back on again and don't notice for a long while, for which I timed off is also the solution there.)

Re: Speed Limit - for 2 hours

Posted: 2021-04-12 14:02
by boco
Generally, the bugtracker should be used for feature requests, as they will get lost in these forums. Please search, first, and, if such a ticket already exists, attach to it.