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Startup to multiple sites.

Posted: 2021-04-15 18:56
by QuickBooksDev
Is there a way to start FilZilla to multiple sites without manually downing down the Site Manager List?

There a server sites or folders within a site that we use daily and it would so much easier if we click just click on some short (bat/cmd file) to start with all the sites we need. i.e. Start FileZilla.exe Site1, Site2, Site3, etc....
With the expectation that 1 FileZilla instance would start with the multiple site tabs opened according to the site parameters.

Thanks. Really like using FileZilla.

Re: Startup to multiple sites.

Posted: 2021-04-16 06:02
by boco
Well, if it's always the same sites, simply set startup behavior to "Restore tabs and reconnect" in the settings (Interface). Don't disconnect from any of your servers and simply close FileZilla. At the next start, all tabs, directories and connections will be automatically restored.

Re: Startup to multiple sites.

Posted: 2021-04-16 18:28
by QuickBooksDev
Thanks. That helps a little.

What I am doing now manually is starting 2-3 instances of FZ. It would be nice if the settings (pervious tabs) could be done on some type of 'profile' basis.

We wound need about 12+ different sites. Having them in 1 instance is a bit much.