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Cannot reconnect to server

Posted: 2021-05-11 14:32
by LighthouseNTX
So I work for a church that uses filezilla to help upload sermon audio to our website every week. Everything was working fine up until last week when I went to hit reconnect to the server and it wouldn't reconnect. I retried using the login information and it still didn't work. I went and made sure there weren't any updates that I had missed and everything was up to date. That is when I finally came to the forum page to try and find an answer. I am pretty new to forums and have a hard time finding what I need but I was able to find some discussions that I thought would help. I went and made sure that my firewall wasn't blocking filezilla. I turned it off and it still wouldn't connect. I double checked that I was using the right port and tried some different ones and it still wouldn't work. Last week I was getting an error code when it wouldn't reconnect but now it isn't so I am not totally sure what is was. I think it was like error code 531??? Anyways, any help that I could get would be appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Cannot reconnect to server

Posted: 2021-05-12 07:54
by botg
Could the server have an outage? Please contact your server administrator or server hosting provider to inquire about the server's health.